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Introduction to BOTOX Training for Nurses

In the UK and in many other countries a qualified nurse can attend a botulinum toxin course and on completion of the course they can administer the treatment to their clients.

There are a wide range of foundation/introduction to BOTOX courses for nurses currently available on the market. Choosing the best course can be difficult with so many providers with different course structures and advice.

Advice for Nurses Who Want to Complete a Botox Course

The following information is what you should research before choosing your course and some key information to assist with your decision making.

General Information and Botox Advice for NursesĀ 

  1. Currently there are mandatory guidelines for medical professionals who require training (August 2017) and no legal requirements for the training and administration of the treatment.
  2. However the botulinum toxins are a Prescription Only Medicine (POM). All POMs must be prescribed by a qualified health care provider and distributed following MRHA guidelines.
  3. Therefore a nurse with the V300 qualification will be able to write a prescription and provide the treatment independently. If a nurse is not a qualified prescriber they will need an associate who is qualified as a doctor, nurse, dentist or pharmacist who possesses the rights to write a private prescription for the toxin.

Choosing Your Botox Training Course Advice for Nurses

  1. How long has the company provided the Botox Training? Many companies and individuals provide the courses. It is not just the trainers experience that should be reviewed. Therefore you should look at how long the company has been established.
  2. Do the courses have Continuous Professional Development points (CPD) approved. Completion of CPD activity are required as part of any nurses ongoing learning.
  3. Will you be treating patients during the training course? Providing supervised injection time with patients is the best way to ensure you are confident on completion of the course.
  4. Can you contact someone by phone? What if you have a concern or need some support?

In conclusion a qualified nurse can attend a BOTOX course. If they have the V300 prescriber qualification a nurse can practice independently. If a nurse does not possess the V300 they will need some support to source the product.

Choose an established and recognised BOTOX course provider who has experience and understand the needs of nurses starting out in aesthetic medicine.

Botox Training for Nurses
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